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To be one of the leading institutions in the region that works to serve the community and the local population


We are a non-profit Jordanian youth organization that works to educate Jordanian youth, provide the infrastructure for youth work and develop youth talents to be able to actively contribute to sustainable community development, and works to open cultural and knowledge horizons for youth.


- Rejecting and combating violence in its two forms (physical and verbal) and creating solutions and campaigns to combat this phenomenon. - Focusing on the basic building blocks of society (family, school, university) through events and sessions on this topic. Spreading creativity and culture in all its forms.

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Athar Foundation for Youth Development is a non-profit organization that seeks to draw an impact and perpetuate it in our beloved homeland. The Athr Foundation was established as a result of its initiative against university violence, following the events of Mutah University, which resulted in the death of our colleague Osama Dehisat, "may God have mercy on him." The initiative was called (Lahoun wa Bikfi..), and one of its most important goals is to transform the criminal penalties law by dismissal into a law of community service within the university campus so that a marginalized and abnormal generation will not be produced within society after the dismissal penalty. And then we had to frame this work under a licensed institution, and the result was the Athar Foundation for Youth Development, which is concerned with everything related to the concerns and problems of the Jordanian youth.